We Welcome Worms!

Little Hands Big Hearts Caring for Our Common Home

Cloverdale Catholic School
  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2
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Last year our school Cloverdale Catholic started its very own fruit and vegetable garden. It has been wildly successful! This year our class decided to take this initiative one step further by composting our fruit and veggie scraps from snack and lunch instead of just throwing them out in the garbage. And in order to even more effectively turn the compost into soil for our garden, we decided to welcome worms into our classroom to help speed up the process! We connected with the local organization All Things Organic to learn all about how to properly set up and care for our worms and now the worms are thriving and we even have some baby worms growing in our bin! It’s been a delight and joy to take what before we may have considered garbage and use it to make more beautiful the little bit of earth entrusted to our care!