"We Are Stewards"

Wings of Change

Carver Christian High School
  • Grade 7
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 For this year the grade seven class at Carver Christian High School came up with a presentation to expose people to the realization of how much our garbage is affecting our world. Our goal was to raise awareness in out communities on waste management. During the process we came up with many eco-friendly ideas on how to limit how much garbage is thrown out. Some of our ideas were to bring a thermos to a cafe to reduce paper cups, bringing your own reusable bags to supermarkets, and using plastic containers to store food instead of bags. 

To take things a step further we shared our presentation to other classes, and helped them realize some do's and don'ts. Also, we showed them how just one piece of garbage can destabalize a whole ecosystem. It can also endanger many species and it will ruin the world we live in. We let the students think of their own ideas and held a Q and A session. 

Project "We Are Stewards" turned out to be a success and we hope that many more people can come to a conclusion that each and one of them can change the course of the future. Just by starting to recycle, not buying useless things and also just to turn of the tap when it is not in use. T

This was project 'We are Stewards" and we hope that it's influence can mantain in peoples minds for a long period of time.


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