Vancouver Earth Day Parade and Celebration

Windermere Community Secondary

Windermere Community Secondary
  • Grade 11
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We are a group of youth from Windermere Secondary School and a chapter/branch of Y4CJN (Youth For Climate Justice Now).  We are organising the 5th annual Youth-led Vancouver Earth Day Parade and Celebration on Sunday, April 26th, 2015. We have begun the planning of this year’s event earlier in order to make it an even bigger success than last year.  

Our goal for this year’s event is to give students a real life opportunity to explore, improve and use their individual and combined agency to make their schools and communities more environmentally just. Our goals involve exploring ideas and planning events that seek to mentor, educate and unite youth in common cause. The fifth Earth Day Parade, scheduled for April 26, 2015, seeks to bring elementary and secondary students together, along with adult allies, for a parade, celebration and day of learning.  The event is planned as a celebration gathering with guest speakers, workshops, NGO tents, entertainment and bands.This event will be open to the public but targeted at students and seeks to build on the tremendous success of last year’s event which brought out close to 2000 people. Our hope is to emphasize our desire for urgent action on a variety of issues especially the lack of environmental action, and act as a catalyst for change towards a greener more sustainable future.The event will be open to all of the public.

This year’s event will include a parade from Commercial-Broadway station to Grandview Park. We will be marching up Commercial Drive with large and colourful banners, costumes, pedal-powered floats, and much more all focusing on the effects of climate change. Along with this, there will be performances, speakers, and entertainment.  

We hope to make the 5th annual Vancouver Earth Day Parade and Celebration a historic event by bringing out youth from all over the lower mainland. By bringing together the youth of Metro Vancouver, we hope to raise awareness and to show our concern about climate change and climate justice as it is a growing concern globally. As youth, we are the leaders of tomorrow and we feel that it is our responsibility to protect the environment along with our futures.