A Stewardship Story

Wildlife Defenders

James Thomson Elementary
  • Grade 5
  • Grade 6
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Community Coach(es): 

Laura Terry & Roger Keeping

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The Wildlife Defenders are here to help! We learned from experts that protecting our waters is critical for the health and survival of both animals and humans. We needed to make people aware about the harm that can be caused with the careless disposal of chemicals, especially down our sewer system. The Wildlife Defenders got to work.

Phase 1: Educating the Wildwood neighbourhood

We painted yellow fish by stormdrains and distributed educational door hangers to the houses in our neighbourhood. In total, we painted 47 yellow fish and distributed 154 door hangers.

Phase 2: Multiplication of Workers

Our next step is to connect with, educate, and empower another class, from a different school, and in a different neighbourhood. Our ideal is for each school in the Powell River school district to be responsible for their own neighbourhood. We would champion for these classes to continue in the multiplication process. 

We hope you enjoyed learning about our story and that you are inspired to make great choices as an environmental steward. Join us - Be a Wildlife Defender!



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