Reducing Plastic Waste At Nechako Elementary

Nechako Green Team Special Forces

Nechako Elementary
  • Grade 6
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Nechako Green Team - Special Forces

My group is here to explain how we changed our school’s recycling. Let’s start from the beginning. At first, we only recycled paper and cardboard. Then Mrs. Stannus held up a sign up sheet to join the recycling team because she wanted to see a change in the school and minimize the use of any kind of “throw away” plastics. Many grade sixes joined and we have a few grade fives.

This is how we took action: We have two recycling teams: the downstairs team and the upstairs team. The upstairs team takes Mrs. Barbosa’s, Mrs.Silvestre’s, Mrs. Eguia’s, Mr. Wilkinson’s, Ms. Swaddling’s, and Ms. Seaby’s paper and plastics, and sorts it downstairs on Thursdays. On Wednesdays, Aiden, Jenita and myself and Cannon go around to the downstairs primary classes and collect their plastic waste such as: yogurt cups, pudding cups, yogurt drinks and applesauce containers. We wash them if they haven’t been washed and we sort them into the correct bins in the lunchroom. At lunchtime. Brandon sits at the front by the big poster we have and helps the kids put the containers in the right bin. Every Thursday, someone comes to collect the recycling and takes it to the local bottle depot and sorts it there. We have a big bag that we keep clean plastic bags in. We taught the kindergartens, grade ones and two’s how to wash the containers and why it’s important to reduce the plastics they use.

The final result was amazing. All of our grades are doing great at recycling but Ms. Cunningham’s class is the best because she taught her kids how to clean and why it’s important. But altogether, we have just seen so much less plastic waste.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. - Nechako Green Club

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