Port Moody Green Team

Port Moody Green Team

Port Moody Secondary
  • Mixed Secondary School Grades
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The Port Moody Secondary Green Team consists of like-minded students with a passion for promoting environmental sustainability in the school and community. Ever since being established in 2015 the club has continued to grow, we currently have nearly 100 members signed up! However, our growth comes not only in members but also in ambitions and successes.

Our journey began through Adopt-a-Trail, where every month, we cleaned the trails at Miller Park keep them waste-free. We have hosted these cleanups for the past 3 years and have received praise throughout these years for a job well done.

After learning that electronic waste across Canada had nearly tripled in four years (Statistics Canada), we decided to start a yearly Electronics Drive at our school. Students and staff work together to collect outdated or broken electronics which are then recycled instead of taking up space in landfills. Our Electronics Drive has achieved more and more success each year.

One of our major projects was to purchase a water bottle refill station for our school. This dream was realized last April. In the span of just 8 months, over 35000 water bottles have been refilled, saving thousands of plastic water bottles from going to waste. The new water fountain was welcomed in our school, refilling over 200 water bottles per day! (On average, only counting school days).

Following the success of the first refill station, the school decided they will help us purchase the next one. We hope to eventually replace all the water fountains in the school, one fountain at a time.

Our newest project is improving Port Moody Secondary’s recycling program. We have already made new labels for the recycling bings to clarify how students should sort their waste. Furthermore, we have established a connection with Return-it for them to collect our recycled bottles.

Through our past, ongoing, and new projects we aspire to continue promoting environmental sustainability in our school and community. We are excited to see what the future holds for Green Team!