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Emy Lai

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The Greenhouse Initiative is an educational program that aims to teach students about sustainability and healthy lifestyles in an engaging way. The initiative can be broken down into two main parts: the construction of the physical Greenhouse and the Smart Eating Program. The physical greenhouse, and surrounding garden plots and planters being constructed  on our school grounds, provide a unique learning opportunity for students concerning urban green spaces, sustainable diets and agriculture all year round. Stand-alone educational events will be held at the greenhouse all year round. The greenhouse stands as a physical symbol of the greenhouse effect and acts as a reminder to students about the very real phenomenon of global warming. This year, Palmer's Eco team is building the plan we laid out last year. We've also started constructing the educational programs that will compliment and integrate the greenhouse into our student's education on sustainability.


Palmer has also started series of “Lunch N’ Learns” to compliment the Greenhouse. On top of our outreach program for our feeder elementary school’s, our Lunch N Learns take advantage of school lunch hours to gives students a opportunity to participate in fun activities as well as learn something about sustainability. We’ve invited a plethora of community partners to these Lunch N Learns to show the environmental stewardship that is being accomplished outside of their school environment and help them take initiative.


Our Ecolution showcases our accomplishments throughout the year. The purpose of the event is to educate our students and elementary students from our feeder schools about the growing environmental issues affecting our world, new innovations that will contribute in sustaining our environment, and other topics that are related to how youth can take initiative to help our environment. We also aim to connect our feeder elementary students to the older secondary school students in our green team through the event. We hope that this will not only make the transition from elementary to secondary easier for those students but it exposes them to topics that our club believes in so that in the future they may become an integral part of our mission.

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