This Is Not Earth

This Is Not Earth Production Team

Sir Winston Churchill Secondary
  • Grade 12
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Mr. Denis Lejay

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This Is Not Earth. Not the Earth it should be.

Our team of students from two different schools collaborated to produce beyond a mere documentary, rather, we made a pitch to our generation: to come together and save our planet. We realized that in order to get our message across to youth, our generation, we'd need to present our ideas on a platform that can be easily understood by all, which is why we published our film on YouTube. The production process included interviewing members from the community, representing different organizations, yet one central message: the importance of taking small steps towards a bigger cumulative goal.

We interviewed representatives from TransLink, the David Suzuki Foundation, Langara College, Richmond Green Ambassadors, and even students from Churchill Secondary! For one particular shoot, we visited the Richmond Green Ambassadors on-site in Steveston, Richmond to witness the process of waste diversion, and even learn about how appropriatley sorting waste, compost, and recyclables makes an impact on the environment. In the documentary, we provide not only facts and statistics on the topics we address (pollution, and energy consumption through traffic, and food production), but also concrete solutions which give our audience tangible ways to make an impact.

In both early September and late October, we screened our documentary at Churchill Secondary and Richmond Secondary School, attracting a total audience of nearly 150 people across the two events! After each event, we witnessed individuals coming up to us to tell us that they realized how much energy and resources goes into something they wouldn't give a second look at- such as the production of food and animal products. We released our documentary on October 31st, 2018 on YouTube- yes, Halloween- because as a team, we feel that there is nothing more terrifying than how we are terrorizing our planet by making unsustainable life choices.

Recently, we were interviewed by The Richmond News where we spoke about how us students came together to try and convey our one message through a visual form of presentation: it is time that we take ownership of our planet's health, rather than pretending that this is not our Earth to be responsible for.

In our submission, we've included the following:

-Our documentary's script, reflecting the research that we have carried out

-Link to a Google Drive folder with photographs showing behind-the-scenes of filming, such as when we interviewed a representative from Richmond Green Ambassadors or when we visited a representative of TransLink's Sustainability Department, and our official documentary poster, which shows all the people who were key to making this project happen, including institutions and organizations. This folder also provides further descriptions of images: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1R1hCISe7jSybxTIfCxvJ2bD1biWEJN7u

-Link to our documentary on YouTube: https://youtu.be/wVWq_zrsOZg

-Link to a video we made where team members talk about what they want to see in the world, actions towards sustainability: https://youtu.be/vEixGeLu4fU

Thank you for considering our project for this award. We appreciate the opportunity to gain a platform to share our message, so that we can all come together for this notable cause.