Maple Ground Clean Up

Mrs. Schroer's Grade 1 class

Maple Green Elementary
  • Grade 1
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Our class has been busy helping keep our school grounds and adjoining park clean. As a class we talk about the importance of properly throwing away our garbage, recycling and compost. In the classroom, we take part in these practices. Early in the year, we took this practice outside. Outside, we help our community by ensuring that the park and out school grounds are free of garage so others can enjoy it. The impact of this project is lifelong for my students. They are learning the importance global citizenship and how one small act (picking up garbage) can have a wide reaching effect. Cleaning up the school grounds also provides my students with responsibilities, it encourage them to take ownership of their school and creates an environment where they feel that they can contribute to our school community in a meaningful way. It is my hope that they take what they have learned and encourage others in their family to follow their lead (not littering and helping keep public green spaces clean). Moving into the future, we will continue this work. It is my hope that as they move through their school years they will continue helping keep our community clean.