Lindsay Park Sun Hunters

Lindsay Park Sun Hunters

Lindsay Park Elementary
  • Mixed Primary School Grades
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The Sun Hunters

Students and staff at Lindsay Park Elementary School in Kimberley, BC, became SUN HUNTERS this year to explore our sun as an energy powerhouse!

We know that we are lucky to live in Kimberley, because it receives the most sunshine in all of BC. That’s over 300 days a year on average! To back that up, we created a Sun Time Line, where we tracked the weather for 100 days. We did this to support our learning about the SunMine, which is the largest solar energy project in British Columbia and is located in Kimberley! Please visit this link to learn more about the SunMine: http://www.sunmine.ca/about.html

The Sun Hunters made solar powered thermometers, a large snow circle sun-dial and solar ovens. We also had fun with rainbows and refracted light and created many solar inspired art projects.

We learned:

  • How many days out of 100 were sunny
  • How a solar panel works
  • The pros of solar energy
  • That solar energy is expensive to set up which is why it isn’t used by everyone
  • How a sun dial works
  • Ways to collect and magnify the sun's energy
  • How a thermometer works
  • How the sun sustains life
  • That the sun is a star
  • How we use the sun to measure time
  • Ways in which the sun is important to First Nations cultures

Our next step, inspired by this project, is to purchase a solar panel to convert our greenhouse to solar power. Through ongoing community support and active fundraising, the Sun Hunters are going ‘Solar’, one small step at a time, in order to reduce our carbon footprint and become an even ‘Greener’ school than we already are! 

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BC Hydro Winner