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Dorothy Peacock Green Stars

Dorothy Peacock Elementary
  • Grade 5
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Erin Pawlikowski (LEPS) and Manon Gartside (BCSEA)

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Our Grade 5 students have been very busy this year learning about ways they can help our community be more environmentally conscious.  We started off our year with a 6-week 'Cool-It' workshop on climate change.  Each week we would learn about different things we could do in our homes to help lessen the impact of climate change on our Earth.  This workshop included 2 visits from the BC Sustainable Energy Association (BCSEA) to come and teach us about Climate Change.  One of our students did such an amazing job that she received a special award from the association in recognition of her efforts!  

In brainstorming of a few ways we could help our school become more environmentally aware, we thought that we would like to create stickers for the light-switches in our school to help everyone remember to turn their lights off when they are out of the classroom.  All of the students submitted a design and the winning design was sent off to our local High School Computer Design class for drafting and printing.  Once we received our stickers, the students went to each classroom to educate their peers on the importance of saving energy and then placed one above each light-switch in our school.  

We have also participated in 2 workshops by Langley Environmental Partners Society (LEPS) on water conservation and reducing the amount of garbage we create.  Afterwards, we spent 1 month collecting interesting recyclables for our Robots Sculptures, to help remind us of all the amazing things we can create by simply reusing materials that were destined for landfills.  This project has been alot of fun as each students has drafted a design, come up with a purpose and will involve a 'Robot Art Gallery' tour for our school once they are all painted.

Elementary School Winner
ProductCare Recycling School Mural Prize