Let Minnow If You Have a Garbage Problem

Grade 7 Beach Beasts

Timothy Christian School
  • Grade 7
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After learning about the harm that plastics can do to the marine environment, Timothy's Grade 7 students became engaged and motivated to help lessen the problem.
Since many families of our class had enjoyed fishing the Fraser River for sockeye this past summer, we decided that it would be appropriate to clean up a nearby river location that is popular with fishers.
On the gloriously beautiful Fall afternoon of October 17, Grade 7 headed down to the Gill Road boat launch by the Fraser River to do a shoreline cleanup.
We brought some buckets and garbage bags along to put the garbage in, but this was not nearly enough to hold all the junk we found!
Items we found included: frame of a steel door, old car seats, air mattress, hundreds of nails, dirty diapers, dog poop wrapped in plastic, and a random care tire.
We had intended to weigh and catalog the garbage each group picked up, but this soon became much too overwhelming and impractical.
Instead, we loaded the garbage into the back of a pickup truck to take to a dumpster; the truck, though, was still not even big enough to fit it all!
By picking up all this garbage (including plastic), we prevented it from floating down to the ocean, where it would cause harm to marine organisms.
In this small way, we contributed to cleaning up the environment while increasing our awareness of the problem of plastics.