Know Where It Goes, Think Before You Throw!

HWSS Environment and Outdoor Education Club

Heritage Woods Secondary
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We are the Heritage Woods Secondary Environment and Outdoor Education Club.  We are committed to waste education and reduction, as well as appreciation and stewardship of our local and global environment.  We were disappointed that our Green Games submission from last year did not place, but we were thrilled it garnered some local attention and our video was used at the district level to help gather support for a district wide shift in waste management for SD43-Coquitlam.  This year the Board of Trustees and the School District are implementing a shift to greener more sustainable approach to our district’s waste management for all schools in the district.  The district leaders approached us with a challenge to create a new educational video and additional resources to assist students, teachers, and administrators with the shift to the district’s new recycling and waste management system.

It has been an incredible challenge and opportunity to create an educational video and resources to support a green district initiative, that will touch and involve 70 plus schools, hundreds of teachers and support staff, and over 32,000 students.   As we were making the video for students and staff from all the schools from K to 12, we sought other school partnerships and found student representatives from as low as Kindergarten in Elementary School to Seniors in Highschool to take part in the video.  In addition to the video, we created Posters, PowerPoints with scripts and Kahoot review games for all levels of the school system.  Though the true breadth and depth of impact is immeasurable, playing such a large part in our district’s target to reduce waste and increase stewardship of our environments is rewarding for us, aspiring environmental leaders.  We hope that you find the video entertaining and educational as well.

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