Kindergarten Students Help the Bears!

Bonaccord Cares About Bears!

Bonaccord Elementary
  • Kindergarten
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For our Green Games project, our class of Kindergarten students has taken a closer look at the negative impacts of human development on the natural habitat of bears. As a class, we discussed what a healthy bear habitat looks like (forests, rivers, clean air, abundance of berries and fish in a natural environment). Then, we discussed what an unhealthy bear habitat looked like that was negatively impacted by humans (forests cut down, buildings and houses take over the land, garbage and littering). The kindergarten students made dioramas demonstrating what a healthy bear habitat looked like. Then, along with their big buddies, they made bears to place inside of their dioramas with molding clay/plasticine. As a class, we worked together to create a diorama of an ‘unhealthy’ bear habitat. Although it is difficult to prevent buildings from being built or forests from being destroyed, we can create awareness about it. On a smaller scale, we are doing our part by picking up garbage and litter around our school grounds. We are also recycling in our schools and gaining a better understanding of the importance of recycling and composting and putting garbage in its place. The students have really enjoyed looking into this on a deeper level and have done a great job of spreading the word about taking care of our natural environment and the animals within it.