Kindergarten Clean-up

Kindergarten Clean-up Crew

Bonaccord Elementary
  • Kindergarten
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Our Kindergarten classes picked up garbage on the school grounds. We were inspired to take action because we were noticing a lot more garbage on the grounds than usual and wanted to do something about it. We set out to pick up the garbage with the “big kids” (our Grade 6 buddy class). We used the large tongs, provided by the school.  We call them the “garbage picker-uppers”. 

We set out to clean the grounds, section by section. The children we so excited to see their bags fill up!  Many of the students were challenging each other to pick up the most. The children realized there was more litter than they initially thought.  We discussed the amount of garbage and many of the children felt surprised that so many snack wrappers were on the ground.  We also discussed that though we may be tempted to pick up litter at the park, we should always ask an adult or “big kid” for help first, as things on the ground may not be safe to pick up.

Once we filled our bags and finished all the sections of the school grounds, we thanked our buddy class and kept the bags for sorting.  We discussed how all the garbage doesn’t belong in the same place.  We sorted the garbage into compostable, recyclable, refundable, and waste. We talked about where all the coloured bins end up (i.e., recycle centre, landfill, etc.).  The children were excited to learn that compost items help to grow new food!  The children did not like the idea of things going to the landfill.  We talked about how important it is to reduce the amount we use, so the “landfills don’t get too full!” It was also pretty encouraging to hear that a lot of the children were familiar with sorting garbage into different bins at home too. Way to go, Kindergarten Clean-up Crew!