Jamieson Div. 1 and 3, Saving the Environment

Jamieson Div. 1 and 3, Saving the Environment!

Dr Annie B Jamieson Elementary
  • Grade 7
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This is the second year the grade seven students at Jamieson Elementary have started a bottle drive fundraiser. On Jan 7th, with the help from parents, the students organized and counted bottles brought in by parents whose children attend Jamieson. On another occasion, the students put together their first $2.00 Santa Sale (garage sale). For two days, the students set up tables to sell their donated items.  Money earned from both events will be used to help to pay for their grad related activities. In school, students have been studying how to conserve, to preserve, and to restore ecosystems along with learning to lessen their ecological footprint. To show their understanding, the students worked in small groups to create posters teaching and telling others how to save and protect our ecosystem.

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