The Hyland Green Team

The Hyland Green Team

Hyland Elementary
  • Mixed Middle School Grades
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SaM Marshalls, Vancouver Aquarium

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Welcome to the Hyland Green Team! We are a group of dedicated students from all over our school who came together with the goal of protecting the environment. Our projects encourage the students of our school to be more eco-friendly. Our team has already made an impact on our students with all of the projects completed, which we will take a deeper look below. This year at Hyland, we are focusing on reducing the effects of plastic on the environment. One way that we have supported being green is by taking part in ‘Take the Dip’ to test the purity of the water in our local Hyland Creek. We annually test the quality of our local water sources. Up to now, we discovered that the creek has been safe and healthy for the wildlife living in and around it. We’ve also organized a book swap to reduce the amount of waste/paper we create. This helps raise awareness of the different ways we can help protect the environment. With our annual book swap, we are able to minimize the amount of paper being used. Using the funds that we have collected, we will work on building a school garden. Part of this project will be about raising awareness for plants and trees being destroyed. This will also teach younger grades how to start their own garden and learn how to be eco friendly from a young age. We will continue to encourage the youth of the community to take care of local plants and garden more. Another thing we do annually is the Earth Day Games. The Earth Day Games are where the green team forms groups and creates games that are related to helping the earth, which we have been doing for around 3-4 years. These games encourage students to reduce, reuse, and recycle objects, while connecting & having fun with their peers. These games are a fun and exciting way that shows how to be eco friendly in a way that they can understand. Together we have contributed to improve and protect this environment. The Hyland Green Team has formed a green school that knows how to keep this planet safe!

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