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Hyland Green Team

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The Hyland Green Team is a group of passionate leaders who want to make our world a better place. Our school stands behind a beautiful and serene creek, so we decided to start there. Our first project is to take care of our forests.

Hyland Creek is a salmon passing stream, and very important to the life-cycle of the species. It is also home to many animals such as raccoons, beavers and other key-stone species. Unfortunately, many people have been dumping their trash in this park. Mattresses, cigarettes and weapons are often found in the area. This is a hazard not only for the animals, but for the people who come to visit. That is why the Hyland Green Team wants to fix this problem. We clean our Hyland Creek, and make sure it is safe. We have received mentorship from the Surrey partners in parks program, and they supply us with tongues, bio-degradable bags and support.

The Hyland Green Team also hosted a book swap. Every day millions of trees are cut down, transported, and processed for the books we read and wood that we build with. We want to teach students at Hyland about what is happening everyday, and how we are responsible. Education about consumerism is very important for students because in the future, we will be the consumers of the world, and we want to make sure we consume sustainably. The book swap took place in our library at recess and lunch. We received more than 600 books, and at most times it was jam packed! The books swap taught many students that second hand items are just as good as new ones. We had help from the FUN Society, and they mentored us through this event. They gave us strategies and support through the process.

We also had an Earth Day Craft Fair last year, that educated students about how to be self sustainable and enjoy the privileges we have without exploiting them. We plan to do one again soon, in the following year.

Hyland Green Team is newly formed and plans to do much more in the future. We would like to installing water bottle refill stations, starting walk to school days, making environmental contests, planning earth day activities, applying light conservation days, planting trees, building a school garden, and continuing our Earth Day Activities.

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