Greendale Recycles

Greendale Global Guardians

Greendale Elementary
  • Grade 3
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This year the Greendale Global Guardians focused on expanding our waste reduction efforts. In addition to composting and recycling, we added a place to collect household batteries from our families, and a place for dead pens to be recycled. We have placed collection boxes or jars in our common areas and had school wide assenting explain what we are focusing on. The batteries are shipped away where they remove the zinc and make it into tablets that are sent to third world children that have a deficiency in zinc. Our dead pens will be taken to a local store that recycles the plastic components, so we can dramatically reduce the amount of plastics that would have been placed in our garbage. Our school wide composting has seen a reduction in waste into the landfill. For the past 5 years, we have maintained a 75% reduction in waste. In fact, we have no garbage cans in any classroom!