Gilmore's Green Team

Gilmore's Green Team

James Gilmore Elementary
  • Grade 4
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Gilmore's Green Team has been hard at work this school year. Students have shown leadership by working on several sustainability initiatives within the school community. This has been important as we feel that small changes can make a big difference. 

One of our main goals is for all students to use the waste stations correctly. In the beginning of the school year, we did a garbage survey and found that much of the garbage was actually not garbage. People were throwing plastic in the compost bin and not taking straws out of juice boxes before recycling them. And who knew that gum was actually garbage?! We now have leaders positioned by each waste station during the lunch hour to make sure bins are being used properly. 

To further this step, we began an campaign to reward good, green behaviour. We gave out raffle tickets to each student who used the bins correctly. At the end of each week, we gave out a prize - a Cineplex gift card, which is waste free fun! 

We also go around during breaks and turn out lights (using natural light instead), turn down the heat (on warmer days), and pick up garbage on our school playground. 

We started planting our garden in September and harvested some delicious vegetables to enjoy as a salad in January. The snow made it more difficult for us to garden, but we are looking forward to planting more seeds in the spring. 

Our next steps? We want to make our outdoor space more inviting and start new campaigns in the spring, such as "Walk to School Wednesdays" and "Bike to School Week". By changing things up and keeping our green ideas fresh, we can keep students excited about being green!