Garbage Reduction Challenge

The Wiggly Worms

Parkcrest Elementary
  • Mixed Primary School Grades
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Jaimi Garbutt

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We’re going through a garbage crisis but we’re going to solve it!  This year, we are encouraging all 369 students at Parkcrest Elementary School to work together to reverse their bad habits of throwing away recyclable plastics and organic material to make a positive impact on the earth.

In the fall, our class started by having an expert from the City of Kamloops come in with a worm composter and teach us how to use it to compost the organic leftovers from our lunches.  We have red wigglers and nightcrawlers that eat our leftovers and turn them into worm castings which are great fertilizer for plants!  We collected leaves from our school grounds in the fall to use as carbon for our composter to keep the worms happy and healthy.

Our next challenge was making sure that recyclable plastic material wasn’t ending up in our garbage.  Our lunches were full of one time use plastic containers and many of those ended up in the garbage can when we were done.  We started washing out our containers and making sure they were getting into the recycling instead.  Once we changed our habits, we decided we could make a bigger difference if we could get the rest of the classes in our school doing the same!  We did presentations to each of the other classes and challenged them to make sure their plastic was getting recycled.  We kept them accountable by going through their garbage cans after lunch and keeping track of how well they were doing.  The primary and intermediate classes with the highest percent of their plastics getting recycled won ice cream from us.  Throughout our 4 week challenge, we recycled 3067 plastic containers!  

We have changed habits and made it easier for our fellow students to continue to do their job to help the earth!