Fraser Heights Annual Battery Challenge

Fraser Heights Environment Club

Fraser Heights Secondary
  • Mixed Secondary School Grades
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The Fraser Heights Environment Club is excited to present its second annual Battery Challenge! We educated students about the importance of battery recycling and encouraged students to bring their batteries to school to be recycled. To add a twist to our campaign, we held a class competition to see which class collected the most batteries, and the top two classes in our school were rewarded with a pizza party. We currently have ongoing battery recycling campaigns at Dogwood Elementary and Woodland Park Elementary to promote battery recycling among elementary students. Although the mentioned battery recycling at RONA was done last year, we hope to accumulate even more batteries and recycle all of them at the conclusion of this school year. Our club has always believed in the importance of awareness and direct action, and our successful campaign earned results that made a difference in our school and community.
Secondary School Winner
Be a Battery Recycling Advocate Prize