Forest Restoration with Galiano Conservancy Association

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SD 64 OR#1 Saturna
  • Mixed Secondary School Grades
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Our Green Games project is the story of restoring an old growth forest on Galiano Island. Forty years ago, a plot of land was clearcut, burned, and planted with only a single species of tree. Our school, SEEC (Saturna Ecological Education Centre) went to Galiano Island for two weeks in order to learn how to restore a forest that has been so badly damaged with the Galiano Conservancy.

Concept and Story by Taeven Lopatecki, Nicola Byer and Mila Sinal

Photography: Taeven Lopatecki & Christopher King
Storyboard: Taeven Lopatecki
Script: Nicola Byer
Voiceover: Mila Sinal
Editing: Nicola Byer and Taeven Lopatecki

Secondary School Winner
Green Grants