Environmentally Friendly Kindergartens

Kindergarten Green Rangers

Green Timbers Elementary
  • Kindergarten
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Our 36 kindergarten students are working on building their stewardship for the environment.

1. Every day we work on making positive choices for the environment, our school and classroom community. We work together to recycle paper, reduce paper use, recycle plastics, put organic waste in the organic bin, use lamps instead of the fluorescent lights, turn off the lights when we leave the room and turn off the water when we are not using it.

2. We go outside regularly to pick up garbage on our school grounds to ensure litter is put in the appropriate waste bin to protect our fellow students, the environment and the animals and birds that visit our school grounds.

3. We are learning about the life cycle of plants and animals and what they need to thrive. As a class we are observing the growth of plants in the classroom and discussing what we can do to ensure that plants and animals have healthy and clean soil, air and water to grow. The students are learning how their actions effect all living things.

We have planned a field study for both classes to take a bus to Campbell Valley park in the spring where we will spend the day exploring the park and observe the living things in and around the pond. Hands-on, authentic experiences will enhance our students understanding of the idea of how every living thing depends on each other and the environment to survive.