Division 13 Recycles!

Division 13

Maple Green Elementary
  • Grade 2
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Students in our class have been learning about recycling. We discussed the various bins that our garbage can be sorted into, such as the organics, plastic, paper, refundables, wet paper towels, and the trash. Our school does not do a school wide plastic recycling program, so we started one in our class. We first learned about what can go into our green organics bin by reading books about composting and then we explored the various numbers on our plastic containers. We also read books and discussed how some materials can be melted down/broken down and used to create something new, such as melting glass or pulping paper. Finally, students created a community project as part of their Socials Studies unit using upcycled materials. 

In general, our class brings food and snacks in reusable containers and most students have a reusable water bottle. Our class challenge is to limit the amount of garbage we produce to less than 10 pieces every day. Students are encouraged to go home and discuss with their families to see how they can reduce the amount of waste their lunch kit produces, such as using a metal spoon rather than a plastic one, buying larger packs of snack foods and portioning them into reusable containers (rather than having them individually wrapped), reusing plastic water bottles more than once, choosing healthier foods (such as fruits and veggies) that do not come with a wrapper.