Cavell for Clean Oceans

Cavell Global Citizens

Edith Cavell Elementary
  • Mixed Primary School Grades
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The Cavell Global Citizens are a group of students in grades 5 through 7.  We meet once a week at lunch to learn, plan and engage in positive social change.

Some members of the group had the opportunity to attend the annual WE Day event in Vancouver in the fall and they came away from the day with a plan to do something positive at our school.  After a couple brain storming sessions, we agreed that a school-wide event that would showcase the talent at Cavell and raise awareness about a local and global initiative was the project we wanted to focus on. 

Inspired by a shoreline clean-up at the beginning of the year and workshops by Zero Waste, the students decided to focus their energy on promoting how we can be "plastic wise" and work for clean oceans.  After diving into teams of marketing and promotion, band members, technical support and event organizers we got down to work and are in the final days of preparation for the inaugural Cavell Air Bands for Clean Oceans Show!  

Staff and students have come together to promote the messages of being plastic wise while having fun at the same time.  The entire school will gather in a couple of weeks to cheer on the Global Citizens in their air bands.  Leading up to the event, the Global Citizens will visit every class to give a short presentation on why clean oceans are important, the problems with the world's oceans and how we can help.  They will be collecting donations for Ocean Wise education programs and sharing their visions for a world with less plastic.

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