Being Earth Keepers

Recycling Rangers

Surrey Christian
  • Grade 5
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When the Grade 5 students at Surrey Christian School Cloverdale campus discovered that in the United States it is estimated that 1 million plastic bags and 28 million plastic bottles are used every minute, animals such as albatross birds are dying because they are mistaking plastic for food and that there’s a place in the ocean where plastic garbage is piling up, students were horrified and decided to take action.  As Earth Keepers, for the past several of months, students have been working hard to reimagine and redesign the school’s current waste and recycling program. 

In order to encourage our school to be more Earth friendly, students brainstormed various issues and tasks that they felt would need to be addressed.  Tasks included:

- conducting classroom garbage audits

-creating bar graphs to display the waste being put into the garbage bins

-creating “kid friendly” recycling signs for classroom bins

- designing and painting a recycling mural to remind and encourage students to place items into the correct bins

- designing t-shirts that students could wear as they served as “Recycling Rangers” in various classrooms

-creating posters to hang around the school to bring an awareness of the importance of recycling correctly

As students were completing the various tasks, students took ownership of their projects and were involved at every step and as a class, took it one step further as they committed to collecting and returning flexible plastic wrappers to London Drugs.  At the end of each week, students take turns going to London Drugs so that wrappers such as chip bags, candy wrappers and Ziploc bags do not end up in the Landfill.

While students worked on their respective recycling campaigns, it became apparent to them that our school needed more “kid friendly” garbage and recycling bins so they are currently exploring different options on how to raise funds in order to purchase these new bins.

Throughout this journey, it has been inspiring to watch the “Recycling Rangers” change their own habits and practices and inform others about how important it is to be stewards of the earth by avoiding, reducing, reusing and recycling!

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