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Although there are many battery-recycling drop-off locations here in Kelowna, when we polled students we discovered that most homes do not recycle their batteries because it is inconvenient. We decided that it would be a great idea if schools became a drop-off location for batteries. Kids are the ones whose toys and gadgets use so many batteries, and we go to school everyday so it would be easy to bring old batteries to school and get them dropped off. Seemed simple.

It is never simple! Getting the school commuinity to hear and pay attention to a new initiative isn't easy. It seems that although we feel 100% passionate about the environment and the need for action, most people don't even think about it. We neede to get a message out in a catch way that kids would talk about and remember. We wrote a jingle and made a video. 

We convinced the leadership team to have a week blitz where the video is shown to every student in the school and all the classes talk about batteries and recycling and bringing them to school. And then we found out about proper storage. We are having to figure out how to keep the batteries stored together and make sure they are regularly getting taken to the community depot. It is all new for our school and we are still working it out. It is almost too soon to report about it! 

Our goal is to work out storage and transport issues and then challenge all the other schools in the district to encourage students to bring batteries to schools as well. All the schools already have drop-boxes for their site batteries so why not include those from the homes of students! Seems like a win-win for families, kids and landfills. 

Communication and buy-in take time and persistence, but we are determined to make this part of the future culture of our community. Kids take old batteries to schools, just what households do with them. It is a way for kids to be environmentally resoponsible simply and easily! Thanks BC Green games for providing the intitiative to stir and support such a great idea. We will make this change! Our leadership team will help us to make this district and community news! 

One student has set up a battery recycling bin in her apartment building to encourage her neighbours to drop them off and is challenging others to do the same. She has already collected lots of batteries!

Elementary School Winner
Be a Battery Recycling Advocate Prize