2 for 1 Uses for Pizza Boxes

Naidu's Eco Ninjas

Maple Green Elementary
  • Grade 3
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BC Green Games 2018

Project Pizza Box

Problem: Last hot pizza lunch day we saw that many of the used pizza boxes were scattered between garbage, organics, and recycling bins. 


When the class was asked where they put pizza boxes, many said the blue recycling bin.  Students searched the city of Surrey Waste Collection link and discovered that used pizza boxes actually belong in the green organics bin. On hot lunch pizza days, the students noticed that many of the waste bins were overflowing and often the pizza boxes were in the wrong place.   Our students thought instead of just putting the boxes in the green organics bin that they could be reused for other purposes.  The next hot lunch pizza day we collected pizza boxes from other classrooms.  We collected three bags of pizza boxes and cleaned them.  Next, we researched the different types of things we could make with them.  Students came up with projects they wanted to create and made materials lists and a drawing to conceptualize their project. After a week of cutting, gluing, painting, and taping students created such things as jewelry boxes, castles, pencil cup holders, robot cats, cubbies, and soccer games to name a few.  These projects were inspired not only by their eco-activism but also gave students a chance to tap in their imagination and exercise their creativity.