Early-Bird Prize: Planet Protector Academy

Register before November 30 and you'll be in the running to win Cephalopods Ink-orporated reuseable snack bags for your team (30 max). 

For elementary school teams.

Early Bird Prize: Water Bottles

Register before November 30 and you'll be in the running to win stainless steel Tree Tribe water bottles for your entire team (max. 30)! Ten trees are planted for every purchase.

For secondary school teams. 

Green Grants

BC Green Games judges will choose four elementary (K-5) winners, four middle (6-8) winners, and four secondary (9-12) winners. Each of these winners will receive $1 000 to further the green endeavours at their school!

Science World Sleep Over

Celebrate your achievements with an overnight adventure under the dome! 

Maximum 30 students per winning team.

For elementary school teams. 

Sustainability Leadership Camp

An overnight camp on Galiano Island! Learn more about the environment and how to protect it while celebrating your hard work. 

Maximum 30 students.

For secondary school teams.

Climate Action Prize

We need to take action to combat climate change and its impacts. To be considered for this prize your project must do one or more of the following:

  • Mitigate climate change by reducing carbon emissions
  • Mitigate climate change by protecting and enhancing carbon sinks
  • Increase knowledge and awareness about climate change and what we can do

One elementary team and one secondary team will be awarded $2500 to continue their climate change mitigation efforts.

Generously supported by RBC Foundation.

Water Management Prize

Clean water is an important resource that should be available and managed sustainably. To be considered for this prize your project must do one or more of the following:

  • Protect or remediate urban waterways to improve water quality
  • Improve water use efficiency at school/home to improve overall water conservation
  • Increase awareness of how to help protect urban waterways or improved water conservation at school/home

One elementary team and one secondary team will be awarded $2500 to continue their water management efforts.

Generously supported by RBC Foundation.


When you upload your project, you can begin your Call2Recycle Viewers' Choice Award campaign by encouraging your school, parents and community to vote on your project. Viewers can vote once per hour, per IP address. Since Schools share an IP address, try waiting at least ten minutes between votes in the same day. Voting period ends March 15 at midnight and there are four $500 prizes for the teams with the most votes.

For elementary and secondary school teams. 

Be a Battery Recycling Advocate Prize

Have your green team develop a campaign that will increase awareness about the importance of battery recycling, while encouraging people to collect and recycle their batteries at one of over 1,600 Call2Recycle collection locations across BC and you could win an amazing prize for your school!

Campaign Criteria:                  

  • Focus on primary (single-use) and rechargeable consumer batteries that weigh less than 5 kilograms.
  • A strong message and call to action (why, how and where to recycle).
  • Must educate, encourage and inspire.
  • Must address how to safely store used batteries before dropping off for recycling.
  • Should contain an example of how the campaign would be executed and what the best medium would be to drive the campaign (social media, radio, TV, ad placement etc.).                                                                    

The 2 winning schools each will be awarded a $2,500 Visa gift card to use towards technology for their school or towards a sustainability initiative. The winning projects may be put into action by Call2Recycle in 2020!

This prize is open to all teams.

Product Care Recycling School Mural Prize

Celebrate your school’s commitment to protecting the environment with a mural created using recycled paint!

The mural, provided through Paintillio, will be painted at Science World during your free field trip. An additional $500 will be awarded to help your team get to Science World. Students will get to pick the mural image ahead of time and assist with the painting. The mural will be displayed in Science World for 90 days. After that, it will be delivered to your school as a keepsake.

This project is best suited for school teams that are ages 10+.

On The Road Visit

Every school outside of the Lower Mainland will be added to a draw to have Science World's On The Road Team visit their school!

Science World's On The Road team visits over 30,000 students each year at schools outside the Lower Mainland who might not otherwise have a chance to visit Science World at TELUS World of Science. Their high energy gymnasium presentations are curriculum linked and provide an unforgettable science experience for your students.‚Äč

EEPSA Memberships

Five teachers will receive EEPSA (Environmental Educators Provincial Specialist Association) Memberships for their outstanding work in BC Green Games. EEPSA is a dynamic volunteer organization promoting networking, curriculum support, and leadership in environmental education

EEPSA aims to help BC teachers by:

  • Assisting educators with curriculum support, professional development and networking opportunities to members across the province.
  • Building partnerships and collaborations with other place-based, EE stakeholders.
  • Promoting greater awareness, understanding and appreciation of the environment and nurture skills in teachers to use Place-Based Education (PBE).
  • Engaging new members of the PSA in order to retain them.

* BC Green Games may provide prize substitutions, cash alternatives and transfer prizes. Additional special prizes may be added at a later date.