Elementary School

An Elementary School team can be a select group of students, a school-wide green team, an entire class or a mixed-grade team consisting of students from Kindergarten to Grade 7. The sponsor teacher of an elementary team will act as the Team Leader and will be responsible for registration, administration and project submission. While student-led actions are encouraged at the primary level, we expect that projects will be more intensively guided by the teacher sponsor, especially in earlier grades.

Secondary School

Grade 8–12 teams can be a select group of students, a school-wide team, an entire class or a blended-class team. Secondary teams will need a teacher sponsor whose primary role is to act as the supervisor and school contact. Depending on the project, the teacher sponsor's role may vary since actions and projects are expected to be more student-led. The Team Leader in a Secondary team may be either a teacher or a student.The Team Leader is responsible for registration, team-organization and project submission.

Secondary teams are encouraged to organize a deliberate advocacy campaign for their environmental actions in order to contribute to public education in their school and community.

Project types

Photo Essay Projects 

Photo essays must include between 3–10 images. Supporting documentation may be included in the “description” field or can be uploaded as a PDF. Supported image file types are jpg, jpeg, gif and png.

Video Projects

Video projects are under 3 minutes long and must include a team photo and a video file. Supporting documentation may be included in the “description” field or can be uploaded as a PDF. Supported video file types are: mp4, ogg, avi, mov, wmv, flv, ogv and webm.

Community Coaches

Looking for help with research or in-class inspiration? Let us help you find a Community Coach. A Community Coach is a person or organization you choose to help you with your project. A great coach might be an environmental organization, a local government representative, a custodian, a farmer or a parent. A Community Coach is not neccessary for entry into the program, but can be a great way to motivate teams and get more deeply involved in a topic. 

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Submit Your Project

Projects can be a photo essay or a 3-minute video and can include brochures, websites/webpages, music and art. Projects should feature a strong student voice, a connection to a place and a plan for ongoing environmental action advocacy.

Projects can be an environmental action your class is already working on, a brand new idea, or a combination of both!

Submissions will begin again on October 1, 2017!