Go Forever Green - The benefits of microhydro power

South Central Interior Distance Ed

South Central Interior Distance Ed
  • Mixed Secondary School Grades
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Lars Jensen of Integrated Power Systems

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Going green? Why not go forever green? Try microhydro!

Venables Valley is an off-grid community about 90 minutes southwest of Kamloops. The community's 16 students use distance learning through South Central Distance Interior Education. The children work together under supervising tutors in a building renovated to be as self-reliant and energy-efficient as possible. Woodstoves, natural lighting, and new this year: microhydro power. The students are so inspired by the ease and benefits of their microhydro power, they want to make others in their community and surrounding area aware of the opportunity for this "free" power. So they wrote and produced this video, along with accompanying pamphlets and brochures. They will distribute these and arrange for a guided tour for interested parties. 

Secondary School Winner